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Some background


KING’S PYON S.Mary stands on a high mound in the centre of what was once a village but is now a small farming and residential community without shops. Domesday records the same number of houses as its neighbour Birley —eighteen— but despite its small size it has survived better, probably because of its greater area, 2,407 acres. The scattered pattern of hamlets is the same as found in its neighbours, but though the benefice has regularly been linked with Birley since 1767, most of its inhabitants are gathered on the uplands to the west, especially at Ledgemoor (where there is a chapel of ease) and on the borders of the ancient borough of Weobley. As at Birley, in 1387 the chancel was dilapidated and its roof defective ; and as at Canon Pyon, some sexual scandal was reported —fornication with a maiden called Howdy by a man excommunicated for taking eightpence from the candle fund. The interior is full of interest, but the biggest surprise perhaps is the small choir  : it only sings music composed before Victoria’s time and sings it very well.


Architectural notes


KING’S PYON church is a cruciform building constructed from sandstone rubble with sandstone dressings and some tufa, the roofs being in sandstone slate and tile. It is 12th, 13th and 14th century work, with additions and restoration done in 1872. The nave has four bays, the transepts each of two bays and the chancel also of two bays. The tower is at the west in three stages, with a 17th or 18th doorway on the south and the group’s only clock to the north and south. The blocked doorway on the north side of the nave is 12th century, and the north transept and the organ chamber were added in 1872. The scars of an earlier chancel roof are visible on the eastern gable of the nave. The windows appear to have been added or heavily restored by the Victorians, but the restored priest’s door to the chancel is original and the deeply recessed window in the south transept is 14th century. The south door is probably Victorian and porch is modern.


Inside, the striking nave roof is 14th century though much of the waggon roof of the chancel was restored in 1872. The chancel arch is late 12th century. To the right of the vestry door is a 12th century round-headed window, but the chancel fitments and stained glass are from 19th. Near a piscina on the south wall of the south transept is a 13th or 14th century tomb recess, together with a later chest tomb surmounted with a armoured alabaster effigy with disfigured limbs and the feet on a lion. The sandstone female figure beside him is in an attitude of prayer. The north transept comtains a font from perhaps the 15th century, now replaced by a 19th version with an elaborate counter-weighted canopy at the west end. Most of the woodwork and seating is 19th century, as are also the interesting cast-iron heaters at the entrance to the transepts.


The church is listed Grade 1 and much of the information has been taken from the listing description.


First Sunday : Holy Communion (Common Worship) at 11.00 am

Second Sunday :  Mattins (BCP) at 11.00 am

Third Sunday : Holy Communion (BCP) at 8.30 am

Fourth Sunday : Evensong (BCP) at 6.00 pm

A service is held at 9:30am every Sunday. Normally the services are:

- First and Second Sunday: Holy Communion (BCP)

 - Third and Fourth Sunday: Matins (BCP)

During lockdown some of the choir and the Curate have put together sung services of Matins and Evensong. The videos include images and shots from both S. Mary's, King's Pyon and S. Peter's Birley. These provide a taste of the worship offered in the parish of King's Pyon.

Please use the below links:

- Matins:

- Evensong:


Supporting our Parish

Second Sunday : Holy Communion (Common Worship) at 9.30 am

Fourth Sunday : Holy Communion (Common Worship) at 9.30 am

A service of Evensong is held every third Sunday of the month at 6:30pm.


Please get in touch via the contact form on the main page or through writing to if you would like to support the maintenance of our beautiful church building and the mission and ministry of the Church in this parish. 

News and events on at King's  Pyon and Ledgemoor

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Safeguarding policies for The King's Pyon and Ledgemoor
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