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Church Candles
Patronal Festival for S. Lawrence

We are holding our patronal festival Eucharist for the feast of S. Lawrence on Sunday 9th August at 10:30am.

Afterwards we will be picnicking in the Churchyard.

Hopefully, next year, we shall have a more fitting (for S. Lawrence) BBQ. 

All Souls Memorial Service
Sunday 1st November
4.00 pm

At this time of year, we have the the feast of All Souls when we mark all those who we have loved but see no longer.

Our All Souls services will aid us in reflecting on the events and emotions of this year, those who have died in the past year, including those whose funerals we were unable to attend.

As part of the service there will be opportunity to light a candle . If you are unable to attend, for whatever reason, perhaps consider some quiet time and lighting a candle on Sunday 1st November at home.

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Please be aware that we have to adhere to certain practices during corporate worship due to Covid-19.

These include:

- the covering of mouth and nose.

- leaving contact details which will be kept securely.

-Using hand sanitiser on entrance and exit from the building.

- sitting an appropriate distance from individuals from a different household.

We thank you for your patience and understanding during these unusual times.

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